What John Gray says about testosterone

As reported by John Gray, a world-renowned creator of Men Are from Mars, Women Are From Venus:

The normal American male has low testosterone content.

The normal married man has little testosterone.

A man needs testosterone several times as a woman.

Above, talking increases estrogen.

People who have more opportunities will generally have more natural testosterone boosters.

Dim clarified the need for men to try their luck or “resign themselves to their caves” to restore their common level of testosterone. It can be messy, dangerous, watch sports, follow a vehicle or play sports. People need their time away from women, period. Darkness describes the activities of men as elastic groups. They flee, at that moment they return, they go and return. It is not much, but a characteristic behavior.

The ladies may think it is strange behavior. Anyway, it would be prudent to concentrate, since testosterone not only destroyed the behavior of another young woman, but the whole way of life in North America exhausts the masculine impulse incessantly.

In the work environment and in the media, I have seen a clear decrease in male testosterone in North America. It is more than obvious for the emergence of:

Dejection. There is a noticeable increase in the absence of libido and a bad fixation in men. In recent years, five of the memorial services I attended were male suicides, usually officers and firefighters. All professions of high testosterone.

Weight gain You cannot walk on a road without seeing people walk with huge gills and “male breasts”. This can be an ideal opportunity to start promoting a “Manssierre” (structured by the character of Kramer in the Seinfeld). (He used to lead a former Canadian Special Operations officer in non-profit social welfare matters until I revealed that he was shaping the men’s breasts.) An affront seems to have taken him out of his discouraged stupor and we began to work outside.)

Absence of desire you see that with the types of accommodation on the ground or the workplace. There is a genuine mental state, which says “who cares”, the perversity, the whiteness and the lack of individual motivation.

Decreased muscles It is the man’s testosterone that builds bigger muscles. A low testosterone level means a lack of muscles.

Exhaustion. Again, the absence of an individual reader. I heard an exceptionally thin and discouraged person who was trying to wash me well while claiming constant weakness. It looked more and more like a tea

In addition to John Gray’s usual behavior, men can incredibly develop their testosterone by moving their own lives. To be exact:

Stay away from soy items. They contain plant estrogens.

Stay away from high sugar consumption. Sugar inhibits the development of developmental hormone to build muscle and consume fat.

Make quality preparation. Get off the cardio machines before and lift heavier loads. The quality structure builds the hormone of development and testosterone and consumes fat. It also prepares your body to recover faster than cardio.

Get a decent rest eight hours each night. In fact, even five or six hours of deep rest are more beneficial than eight to ten hours of greedy rest.

Eat high protein dinners. Your muscles, your skin, your hair, your mind, and your nerves are made up of proteins. Slimming diets in the style of a women’s magazine will NOT work normally for men. The protein must produce the tissues, but fight the disease and evacuate the abundance of water.

I have seen physical, mental and enthusiastic improvements in men (and in women) as they improve their hormonal adjustments through proper exercise, livelihoods and legitimate rest. Before taking another pill, consider first improving your general well-being by changing your lifestyle.

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