Did Dorian Yates Take Steroids Or Natural?

Dorian Yates, 6x Mr. Olympia is an icon in the industry.

Dorian Yates is famous for his incredible Lats and consider as one of the top bodybuilders for the defined physique.

Dorian Yates bodybuilder

Dorian is an owner of his own supplement industry, which he starts after the retirement.

He also opened many gyms in order to achieve his dreams

Dorian started his journey of fitness since he was a child and entered the gym at the age of 21.

He has grown up naturally with an athletic physique and Powerlifting.

The Accomplishments:

He had a long career as a professional bodybuilder, Dorian won at least 15 bodybuilding titles and he is one of the legends in our sport.

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Over the years of working and dieting, Dorian was build up the formidable physique and took part in his first show at the age of 22 years old and back with a trophy.

Dorian achieved the IFBB world success in the year 1985 by entering the international contest.

Pro Card:

Dorian received the Pro Card at the age of 26 and reached to the aim of becoming a professional bodybuilder.

In 1991, he got the Mr. Olympia in his career.

This is said to listen, his career ends with a lot of injuries due to the over training.

He was retired in the year 1977 because of the injuries.

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Mr. Olympia Dorian Yates muscleAthlete Statistics Of Dorian Yates:
  • Weight of the body: 250lbs-265lbs (113.3kg-120.2kg)
  • Height of the body: 5’10’’ (177.5cm)

Body measurements:

  • Arms: 20 inches
  • Chest: 56 inches
  • Waist: 38 inches
  • Calves: 20 inches

Every professional bodybuilder understands that there is a major role of steroids in getting the success and achievement in the competition.

There are a lot of bodybuilders who claimed that they are natural, but the actual story is hidden and fake, so it is better to accept the steroid use whereas hiding the reality.

Individuals can transform into a big monster or whether they are in an average form, this actually depends on the steroid doses which are high, low and may be average.

Through steroid dosages, man can gain the huge size and become leaner.

Some are the legends that gain more due to genetic freak.

Dorian Yates Admitted To Take Steroids:

Dorian Yates admitted the use of steroids and also talk steroids in front of all the peoples.

Dorian yates training workout

The article was also published about Dorian Yates and steroids in the Muscular development in the year 2011.

Many bodybuilders and athletes use pills for boosting testosterone that helps in enhancing stamina and increase strength.

The man asked what is the growth hormone strange, but he discusses the growth hormone in other interviews.

Dorian said he used the steroids since he was 12 years old only.

Dorian And Other Bodybuilders:

Dorian Yates reputation has not been demolished by admitted the steroid use.

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Dorian Yates in the same boat where the Arnold Schwarzenegger, Ronnie Coleman, Jay cutler and Rich Piana.

  • Jay Cutler, 4x Mr. Olympia admitted the use of steroids and believes:

Steroid gives me the power to compete at the top level of bodybuilding.

  • Ronnie Coleman did not admit the steroid use for a long period of time because as a Police officer it is not good to accept the illegal activities.

In the year 2011, he accepted the steroid use.

  • Arnold, 7x Mr. Olympia accepted steroid practice because at that time the steroids were new in the market and everyone is excited to try the steroids.

Whereas, Dorian said:  Steroids are better than the McDonalds.

Physical Appearance That Indicates The Steroid:

Dorian Yates fan clubDorian physical appearance shows the symptoms of steroid use such as the increased vascularity, an unnatural look, and the flushed skin.

He also has the steroid gut and wide traps and gut.

The above symptoms are appeared on the high dose of steroid for a long time period.

Dorian Yates Diet Plan:

Dorian believes that the results of steroid practice can enhance by the combination of healthy nutrition and training.

There are some stores selling phentermine 37.5 mg for sale that helps in lean body.

Dorian nutrition contains the six meals per day, which can boost up the metabolism rate.

His diet plan is composed of lean proteins, green vegetables, and complex carbohydrates.

He preferred to eat the meal at 2 or 3 intervals.

                  Dorian Yates Nutrition
Meal 1 Porridge, scoop protein, and 10 egg whites
Meal 2 Whey proteins
Meal 3 Post workout protein shake
Meal 4 Potatoes, 2 chicken breasts, and vegetables
Meal 5 Whey protein
Meal 6 Potatoes, green vegetables and, rice
Meal 7 Porridge, 6 egg whites and, protein

Dorian Workout Training:

Dorian training includes 4 times per week and three days of rest for rapidly recovering.

Dorian Yates exercise

Yates sessions are usually short as he performs 1 or 2 fewer sets of HITT as compare to the other bodybuilders.

He targets the Abs, shoulders, and triceps on Monday, back on Tuesday, Wednesday is a rest day, chest, biceps and Abs on Thursday, Friday is a rest day and Quads or Calves in the Saturday.

Dorian Steroids Cycle:

He probably used the Sustanon, D-bol, Deca Durabolin, Aromasin, HGH And N2 Guard.

These steroids are used for the bulking purpose, cutting purpose, for staying lean or hard and prevent themselves from the injury.


Dorian Yates is not like the other legend bodybuilders who are born with a genetic freak, but Dorian had transformed his body through hard work, dedication and of course training.

The Dorian steroid cycle is more likely to similar to having these steroids on the above list.

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